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If you are in the job market for an academic job or do not have ideas to put down in
your teaching statement, here is a nice summary of misconceptions about student learning.
(this advise is actually hurting me, cause I will have more competition, haha)

To apply this knowledge is another matter. I don’t know how these facts would help in teaching
math classes (calculus, differential geometry etc). I guess one just has to try…


A great article, Don’t Lecture Me: Rethinking How College Students Learn, about peer-teaching. Resonates a lot with my thoughts.
I encouraged students to explain each other problem sets.

But here’s the irony. “Mary is more likely to convince John than professor Mazur in front of the class,” Mazur says.

“She’s only recently learned it and still has some feeling for the conceptual difficulties that she has whereas professor Mazur learned [the idea] such a long time ago that he can no longer understand why somebody has difficulty grasping it.”