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Recently I gave David the new Russian edition of his famous Red Book (unfortunately he already got one, from the publisher I assume :).

He said (not a very precise quote): “I am surprised this book became so popular. I was so disorganized. I am not even sure if all the theorems are correct there. I was just learning the damn thing! I guess that makes it good for a first time reader.”


My research is related to the Teichmüller theory.

This is an interesting piece of trivia that I’ve found about Oswald Teichmüller from wiki:

Teichmüller was a passionate Nazi, joining the NSDAP in July 1931 and becoming a member of the Sturmabteilung in August 1931.
Upon personal authorisation from the Führer, he joined the Wehrmacht in 1939 and was killed in fighting on the Eastern Front.