Had a great time attending the Shape FRG meeting in London.
Interesting trivia fact. The idea of using Teichmuller spaces as the way to parametrize curves
(as in paper “2D-Shape Analysis Using Conformal Mapping”, pdf) was suggested to David by Curt McMullen. Although David worked on moduli spaces he was not aware of the definition of Teichmuller spaces. After Curt McMullen explained it to him, David decided to parametrize shapes this way.

A few interesting quotes.
Comparing the role of Catholic Church in Europe and Chinese bureaucracy in the development of sciences David noted: “As well known, computing the solar and lunar eclipses is a bitch!”

David is always careful in using proper dimensions of quantities and proper scales. It is surprising to see such care in a mathematician of an amazing caliber like David. It appeared in the metrics he developed and in his remarks at the conference.
David: “I would suggest you to state explicitly which kernel you used and the size of it in all your publications. This way you leave a paper trace. This is called the scientific method.”

And David was really happy when a student told him that the axes in his 3D image were millimeters.
David: “In Nature and Science they always show the scale! Always!”
Laurent: “But this is just an MRI image with 1-by-1-by-1mm voxel size. So in this case it coincides with millimeters. But in general nobody cares.”
David: “Shit!”